JULY 2017

SMS Surveys – another option within the Service Monitor blended methodology approach
As is often the case with developments it is from a client request that we have investigated the development of an SMS survey offer within the Service Monitor.

We are able to provide our clients with bespoke surveys sent directly to recipient’s phones – allowing us to maximise response rates. The SMS survey can be used for all questions, or as a driver towards an online survey.

Adding this technology to our current offer of mystery customer activity, online surveys and face to face interviewing means that we can provide flexible and comprehensive quantitative options for all clients.


JUNE 2017

Hall & Woodhouse - You can’t win anything with kids!
Well maybe you can’t (or can you?) but dismiss their influence at your peril.

When Hall & Woodhouse wanted to relaunch their children’s menu within their high quality pub venues they asked Service Monitor to find out what it was that children actually wanted – and what their parents thought too.

Utilising our experienced focus group moderators a group of parents with children aged from 5 years up to 11 years old was assembled in the Moat pub at Wrotham – 12 parents with over 20 kids between them.

Keeping 2-3 kids entertained for an hour isn’t easy – imagine 20+ sat at tables in a pub (welcome to our world I hear every teacher shouting). However this was exactly the point – what entertainment would keep them settled and at the table rather than running through the venue annoying other guests!

The group was a great success, with the children giving excellent feedback on proposed menu content (they loved the pies), the types of puzzles they enjoyed and the new ‘Wind In The Willows’ based characters that will form the structure for the new Hall & Woodhouse children’s menu.

The parents behaved themselves, mostly, as well.


Fuller’s – London Pride, or is it?
When Fuller’s launch a new product as iconic as London Pride Unfiltered then they need to ensure their pub teams are 100% behind it, promoting it actively and positively.

Service Monitor, long standing research partners for Fuller’s, were commissioned to conduct a series of venue mystery customer visits to assess the engagement with customers around the new product.

Capturing accurate feedback of the dialogue between customer and team member as well as photographs of the glassware and pour of the drink allows Fuller’s to identify training needs so that the new product can be delivered as well as possible.

Fuller’s – Invest or not invest, that is the question...
When investing a 7 figure sum into a business one needs to have a level of confidence that the investment will pay back to he business at a rate that is acceptable – at least.

To support the ongoing investment plans within the Fuller’s retail estate Service Monitor have applied a combination of demographic profiling (via CAMEO Geo-demographic) and online insight surveys to provide Fuller’s with scientific data to support the operational experience within the decision making team.

Will the investments happen? Watch this space!

A little video for you...

MAY 2017

New Pub Company / Laines London
Having worked with Peter Linacre the New Pub Company for nearly 5 years it was a shock when we heard he had sold all but one of his pubs to the Laines London group of pubs. We will continue to work with Peter and his remaining venue – and now onto a new chapter with Laines.

We are very pleased to say that we will be continuing to work with the NPC venues now they are under the ownership of Laines London. We look forward to working with Gavin George and the rest of his team.

APRIL 2017

Hall & Woodhouse Diaries
A lot of the research we conduct is around what people say they will do – especially when trying to understand current and future activity and trends.

Hall & Woodhouse, a client of ours for nearly 15 years, wanted to understand what other options there were for customers on a day to day basis in terms of food and drink when not at home. We considered the desire to understand customers fully and developed a digital diary based programme.

Recruiting over 100 targeted consumers we arranged for them to tell us ‘everyday’ what food and drink they had outside of the home, where they purchased/ate it and what other options they considered and why. This is going to allow us to truly understand what options UK consumers consider daily when eating breakfast, lunch and dinner – and where pubs fit into that thought process. Roll on May for the results!

Following an extensive and varied programme of piloting and testing customer engagement and feedback programmes for Stonegate we have now created and launched our most comprehensive reporting system for Stonegate. Customer feedback is collated from several unique sources…

…online survey, on site touch screen feedback kiosks, roaming tablets, social media and Stonegate’s own company website.

Trying to get a view on customers via all of this data used to be a real challenge – but now it is all in one place, our unique reporting dashboard portal. Users at all levels can now view their customer feedback in one place and, through blended scoring, have a single view of customer experience levels.

MARCH 2017


UK Customer Satisfaction Awards 2017
The Service Monitor were very proud to attend the UK Customer Satisfaction Awards held by The Institute of Customer Service along with our colleagues from Compass (Eurest) Group. Nominated for an award in the Customer Feedback Strategy category we unfortunately not invited up on the stage as winners!

However a great evening was had by all and we are determined to continue showing the world just how positively our clients view the work we do for them.



Cornish Bakery
As a new client the Cornish Bakery fits right in with our specialities at the Service Monitor – a business that focusses heavily on their service and hospitality. We have been commissioned to provide an online survey that will encourage all customers to give a quick and immediate rating of their experience. Going live at the beginning of June, in time for the busy summer period, this programme will give Cornish Bakery an immediate view on the overall perceptions customers have of the experience they receive.

Berwin Retail
We are very happy to welcome Berwin Retail to the Service Monitor fold. With retail brands including Lambretta, Paul Costelloe, Baumler and Berwin & Berwin they are one of the leading men’s tailoring retailers, with over 130 years in the industry.

Having experienced the mystery customer feedback for their sites located on Realm designer outlet centres (a Service Monitor client) Berwin Retail wanted feedback that fitted in perfectly with the standards they set within the business. For these visits our customers will be going through the entire experience of trying and buying formal wear to be able to feedback on exactly what it is like to be buying customers in a Berwin Retail outlet.

Fullers Feedback
Having worked with the fantastic Fuller’s pub and brewing company for almost 20 years it is always exciting when we make significant changes to the way in which we engage with the fantastic team of Managers and Operators the business has. In 2017 we have launched a new reporting system that allows each user to not only access the results from their customer feedback – but to also dive into the data and really get to the heart of what customers love, or not, about the experience they receive in the their pubs.

Making sure the people who have the face to face time with customers are armed with all the insight into their customers is essential to driving real positive change within a business and this new online feedback tool does just that.


We are very pleased to welcome our latest retail client into the Service Monitor family – Antler! Taking advantage of our mystery customer expertise Antler is looking to ensure the standards being implemented within their various stores are maintained at all times.
Service Monitor will provide monthly visits to all stores and provide feedback on the full customer experience.

Nomination for ICS awards
Having developed and launched a new ‘Did We Make You Smile’ customer feedback programme for Compass we are very pleased to announce that our blended methodology approach has been nominated for an award at the annual Institute of Customer Service ‘UK Customer Satisfaction Awards’.
The programme utilises the combined approach of a self-selection online survey, on-site touch screen feedback kiosks, comment cards and mystery customer visits. The results are delivered through a single dashboard style reporting system.
The event will be held during March.


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